I’ve been seeing some images floating around of pokemon as animal crossing villagers, and I thought it was pretty adorable, so I decided to do some of my own with a few of my personal favorite pokemon!  I love Doublade too, but I couldn’t figure out how to make that into a villager because… well, you know.


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zylveons:'s Shiny Eeveelution giveaway!

Always wanted a shiny but you’re too lazy to get one? Always loved that shiny Sylveon because you’re one of those close minded assholes that doesn’t feel like a male Sylveon can be fabulous and pink? Well today is your lucky day! Why? Because I’m giving them all away!

So why the hell would you want a shitty useless shiny Pokemon that sparkles fabulously?

  • They’ve all got 6 perfect IVs.
  • They’re all shiny, sparkly and fabulous.
  • You are free to choose a nickname for them.
  • I’ve gotten them all a good moveset and nature. 
  • All of them are level 100, except for Eevee which is level 99.
  • They all have their hidden ability, except for the original three.

Just to be fair, let me throw you some rules that are absolutely amazing because I’m not that much of a dick to expect you to do shit for me.

  • No need to follow! 
  • Likes and reblogs both count. 
  • First come, first serve. 

Deadline: Friday, February 28th 2014. (I’ll edit this post once I start choosing people).

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OH MY DEERLING, I’ve made a new pattern! And it’s available on stuff on Redbubble and Society6.

Feel free to use this as a wallpaper! If you’re using it for your site or blog, I humbly request some form of credit. Links aren’t necessary, but they’re the best. Enjoy! ;)

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girlfriendssssssss. quickie doodle of my new otp

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Pokemon The Series XY, English Opening



This is cute and I like the colors and the graphic design and thEY BROUGHt BACK THE ORIGINAL SONG

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Sometimes Pokemon… just…. sometimes

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Some trainer challenged me to a match with half a team of legendaries, so I did the only logical thing, leave it to Azumarill.

check out that disconnect at the end pfft

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Hello! I’m giving away my shinys I caught while looking for other pokemon! (all are from the Friend safari except my Gourgeist, which I breed for!)

Winners will be randomly chosen on JAN 11th and messaged!
Please have your asks open! :)

- All of the pokemon are nameable, or re-nameable.
- All already have/have had Pokerus, or can be given it if asked.
- One re-blog, and one like per person! (two entries!)
- You DO NOT have to be following me (I rarely post anything pkm related)
- Must be willing to give me your Friend Code if you win!
- If winners do not message me back in 48 hours, I will pick new winners!

First place- TWO shiny pokemon of their choice.
Second place- One from the remaining pkm.
Third place- One from the remaining pkm.

Shiny Pokemon to pick from so far:

- Female Espurr
- Male Espurr
- Male Supersized Gourgeist (currently named Peli, can change)
- Male Eevee (currently named Shu, can change)
- Female Duosion (currently named Alloh, can change.)
- Male Magmar
- Female Dunsparce  (added DEC 20th)
- Male Medium Pumpkaboo with/without Everstone (added DEC 27th)

This list is will be added to!
Ill be adding any Shinys I find by the end date!

Okay! I think I got everything? If you have any questions, please message me! Good luck all! <3


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