I don’t like him. How dare he.

wow if this is legit this makes me mad. Seriously dude? Robin is actually a huge part of the Batman mythos and a HUGE part of the Batman/Bruce character. Like I get that the older movies did Robin in a kinda awful no good terrible way (they seriously did not do justice to Robin/Dick or Batgirl/Barbara) but ugh I hate the idea of Batman without a Robin. 

As Tim Drake said “Batman needs Robin” 

It’s legit. And Nolan also said he would never make a Batman movie featuring Robin. Like, I agree in the sense that Batman is currently too young to have a Robin as he’s only just starting out, but the dismissiveness and blatant dislike of Robin really put me off. It’s obvious Bale has never bothered to look into Robin and goes with the “Robin sucks” crowd which generally tends to be people who don’t know shit about Robin and have never even picked up a comic book yet seem to think they understand what makes Batman work as a character.

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