Motorcity // Mike Chilton, Chuck

Kinda gave up half-way through this… Eh. The idea’s still cute, haha.

Ignoring the previous headcanon I have regarding Chuck, I have another little idea where he was born and raised within Motorcity. I get the feeling, since the city is basically covered completely by Deluxe, they don’t actually experience true weather. They basically get the remnants of what manages to seep through the cracks of the foundation of the city above, so it ends up being like rust-tainted rain and whatnot. Not really enjoyable at all.

Chuck never had any reason to go outside the city limits until he joined up with the Burners, so he’s never experienced true weather himself. Mike, remembering what it was like and missing it from time to time, would drive outside of Motorcity to look at the stars, feel the wind in his hair, the chill of rain on his skin (even though it looks like whatever’s going on outside of those two cities isn’t good, the world looks like crap, I keep thinking the rain is dangerous, toxic almost, but people can withstand it for a while). He finds out that Chuck’s never experienced anything like that his entire life, so one day Mike takes him out there during a storm and the two of them just get completely drenched and laugh and hide under Mike’s coat when it gets to be a bit much and just have a blast as kids do since sometimes, sometimes it’s hard to remember that they’re really just kids, kids fighting for their lives and the lives of all those in Motorcity.

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