I want to know what everyone’s first fandom was.











… kingdom hearts.

I was into a lot of stuff beforehand

but kingdom hearts got me on the internet.

Golden Sun. :\


No regrets


Powerpuff Girls

Bubbles, my baby :”I <3333

Powerpuff Girls, yep.

dragon ball AWWW YEAH from the very very beginning!!!


I think it might’ve been Mario Party? Or maybe Sonic or Pokemon….

…. there’s a mario party fandom?

I always say Gundam Wing, but now that I think about it Yugioh was probably my first fandom. Followed very closely by Gundam Wing and Fushigi Yugi.

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    Ooooh Harry Potter around
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    Hetalia :)
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    Either Star Trek or Harry Potter… I’ve been a geek at least since I was born, if not in the womb. So it’s really not...
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    Um… Bleach? Or Naruto? I can’t remember which one.
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    of… I’m not sure where the childish obsessing morphs into teenage fandom-ing, so this is hard
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    Xena. Pre-internet at least. I mean, I had all these catalogs and stuff and was like “CAN I HAVE THIS?!?” and my mom’d...
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    The Lord of the Rings introduced me to fannishness as such. I didn’t really understand what you would want to use the...
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    Dragonball Z.. I was a tiny little one, and the Internet was at very low access, but i never missed that show and...
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    you… technically min was… Spyro
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    I don’t know… I think it was Supernatural. I started with that a loooong time ago, and create lame little stories with...
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    Pokemon. When there we just 151 of them.
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    Pokemon. Gotta catch ‘em all.
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    Teen Titans. I liked a bunch of other stuff before that, but TT was when I really went into the Internet, joined a bunch...
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    first… I think...Yu Yu Hakusho but I can’t remember…it was a looooong time ago
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    either Speed Racer or Sailor Moon
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    Full Metal Alchemist lol I loved Winry, I had such a hard on for her & Riza Hawkeye, but who didn’t? Sexy, strong,...
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    Fullmetal Alchemist.
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    NARUTU SAND NINJAS. And maybe Sailor Moon before that. Oh, and Tamagotchi (why I started my LJ blog in the first place,...
  22. auntiehornblower said: define “fandom.” Depending on how far back you go, it could have been LOTR, books only - I was writing self-insertion genfic when I was seven. And does it count if it’s RPG rather than writing? Or cosplay-only? So many choices.
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    That was probably a fairly smart decision, actually.
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    …wow, haven’t thought about that in a long time. I always say my first was X-Men (the first movie had just come out and...
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    If I didn’t already know that crowdog66 is my age, I’d know it now, because the Adam West Batman and Lost in Space were...
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    The Boxcar Children and The Happy Hollisters. I was writing crossover fic in my head when I was eight.
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    First internet fandom was Pride and Prejudice. Before that…like Teen Titans or Code Lyoko or some shit hahaha.
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    It was so long ago I can’t really remember, but I think it was Lost in Space (I really thought the Robot was totally...
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    Rings, actually. A friend in high school introduced me to fanfic through that (there is still a writing-at-16 fic of...
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    Either The Matrix or A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, I can’t remember which one came first. (Doesn’t everyone...
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    probably Power Rangers.. I dunno..
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    Pokemon :3
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    Final Fantasy VII & Harry potter, pretty much at the same time :3
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    Swedish Harry Potter Fandom:P
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    Probably Charmed. Over one week in summer I watch all eight seasons and absolutely adored the show. After that it was...
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    Sailor Moon! I wanted to be Sailor Venus so bad back then…
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    pretty sure it was inuyasha, cause that’s when i started reading fics and all, though i started fangasming over a fandom...